Keto Bullet
Removes belly, hip and thigh fat
Prevents failing a diet and weight regain
Suppresses appetite
Gives you energy
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Keto Bullet – is a revolutionary development of biotechnologists from USA. The solution has two effects at the same time: it boosts ketosis – the natural process of fat burning – and helps the body to switch to an alternative source of energy – its own fat deposits and the calories received from food. Usually, this process starts in 20 days of carbohydrate deficiency, that’s too long. A portion of Keto Bullet reduces this period to 40 minutes.

In addition, the drink prevents failing a diet and feeling sick during the process of weight loss, as well as nervousness and fatigue. It also suppresses craving for carbohydrates.

As a result, subcutaneous fat layer reduces quickly, a person loses weight and gets more energy.

Thanks to ketosis and Keto Bullet, more than 300 volunteers from the USA lost weight without developing health problems.

Slimness & Health
Keto Bullet has two effects:
Weight loss
Keto Bullet begins to burn fat in problems areas (belly, thighs, buttocks, arms, back, cheeks) after the very first use.
STOP effect
You don’t regain weight after withdrawal! The complex effects of active components stimulate natural fat burning, making it 6x faster and thus preventing weight regain in the future.
Keto Bullet works
Primary lipolysis phase (breakdown of fat tissue) Dangerous visceral fat that covers internal organs goes away. You feel full of energy while your appetite reduces: you need 60-70% of food less to feel full now than you used to.
Secondary lipolysis phase Subcutaneous fat reduces. Your body gets slimmer and more toned. You sleep better, get less tired and have more energy. Having more energy makes you want to be physically active and do sports.
Consolidating the effect Carbohydrate and fat metabolism get 6x faster, thus preventing you from absorbing excess calories and regaining weight in the future.
Keto Bullet: nice flavor,
useful for your body
Suppresses hunger, reduces appetite, flushes out toxins, normalizes blood sugar level.
Coconut pulp extract
Compensates for the deficit of vitamins and nutrients
Chromium picolinate
Fastens calorie burning, facilitates weight loss, reduces fat deposits, reduces craving for sweets
MCT oil
Helps to lose weight faster, gives extra energy, improves memory and focus, increases productivity
Gives the drink its amazing taste and flavor, gives you energy for the whole day
Steve Snow,

Keto Bullet is really like a mini factory working on burning fat cells. You lose weight gradually, without failing a diet, suffering from the symptoms of keto flu, depression and GIT problems. Recommended course duration – 30 days. During this period of time, you can lose 10-15 k depending on your individual characteristics.

This is a 100% natural product, it’s suitable for everyone regardless of your age and sex, that’s why you can buy it without prescription.

How to take
Keto Bullet
Add the contents of one Keto Bullet sachet to a glass of water or milk (120 ml)
Take 1 portion daily. To improve absorption of the product, take during breakfast
Recommended course duration - 1 month
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opinion on Keto Bullet
JulyTyler First of all, it’s tasty! Those who love coconuts and coffee will love it. Secondly, you don’t need to work hard for hours at the gym if you don’t like it. Keto Bullet burns fat without your help. In the past, my belly always stuck out, even when I did gymnastics for 5 years and kept a strict diet. After 2 courses of Keto Bullet, it’s flat. Dreams come true!
2 days
Lil Xan
Lil Xan I had been fat for so long that I was afraid I would need arm & abdomen lifting after Keto Bullet. However, my skin got tighter without lifting procedures! It’s a miracle! Now, it’s very resilient – no excess folds at all. I’ll complete the second course in 4 days. Here’re my results: -17 kg, skin on my cheeks improved, I have less pimples. The main point is that I have energy to live my life! I usually came home from work exhausted, but now I have energy to do household work, swim in the swimming pool and walk with a dog.
6 days
Nikiki Life is much easier with Keto Bullet! Now, I don’t have to count calories. First, endless craving for food is gone. Secondly, it feels like belly fat was pumped out. My sides are also smaller and I can see my waist now. I’m absolutely happy with my body!
2 weeks
Premiumgirl With Keto Bullet, I killed two birds with one stone: lost 8 kg and cleansed my body of nicotine and fast food. Now, my body feels light! I want to sing and dance all day long!
3 weeks
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